Digital and Traditional 360 degree Marketing company Baku

Digital and Traditional 360 degree Marketing company Baku

Digital & Traditional marketing

Social Media Marketing

The digital marketing team of Prime DMC creates condition for brands to contact with customers, make unforgettable practices and engage in discussions using numerous platforms. We give advice to set up and carry out a digital engagement strategy for customers who give a clear focus on bringing measurable Income based on investment and great brand practice.

The Focus forms fundamental parts to managing business and delivering results. This is also a tool to make effective brand events and works with customers for understanding their business aims and user requests. With this competency, Prime DMC is capable to project united digital marketing solutions combining our main digital service offerings and also offline strategies to connect targeted spectators and succeed aims.  

The following services include:

Digital Strategic system
- Planning and evaluation
- Formulating message/ story
- Selecting the best Platforms
- Promoting & company planning, management and success
- Editorial and creative content formation
- Followers & Fans platforms in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more
- End-to-end controlled service  with Object-relational mapping (ORM) 

Digital Media
- Buying & outlining for online media
- Methodical company management and regular development
- Social surveys and Analytics

Analysis and Assessment
- Accomplish analytics of all Social Media Marketing (SMM), Mobile Marketing activities and Web
- Campaign management and making a report

Web Marketing

The main part of Digital Marketing is web marketing. To build up your company profile, web marketing is an important method and with this method you can attract new clients, as well as strengthen your brand in the minds of your current clients. This provides that your web presence brings about customers’ interest and your website is getting available for many visitors.

If you want to create successfully web campaign, in this case you have to think as many different methods as possible for your online marketing company.