Labor & Employement Law

Labor & Employement Law

Labor & Employement Law

Full-service employment law consultancy, as well as negotiation and conclusion of employment agreements, work regime adjustment , Documentation and policies, employment termination and disputes.

All persons are free to choose his or her workplace, profession, and activity. Everybody is free to work or not to work. Compulsory labor is forbidden by legislation in force of Azerbaijan. In other words, no one may be forced to work in the country. If one has a status of “unemployed” the state has to pay social allowances to him or her. Furthermore, the state must endeavor to eliminate the unemployment in the country.

Labor Code of Azerbaijan

Labor Code of Azerbaijan is the legal code governing employment practices and labor relations in Azerbaijan. The Code sets the rules for relations between employees and employers, establishes the minimum norms for the labor rights of individuals, as well as the norms ensuring the implementation of these rights. Labor Code of Azerbaijan  defines general provisions, as well as main rights, duties and general legal guarantees of the parties of labor contracts in the regulation of labor relations , identifies collective bargaining, collective contract and collective agreement, in addition to defining general procedures for entering into collective contracts and agreements. Working time and work schedule, as well as the rules for regulating working time and overtime are determined by the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Code is based on 4 basic principles: ensuring equal rights; protecting interests by ensuring fairness and supremacy of law; providing favorable conditions for the use of mental, physical and financial resources to meet material, spiritual, social, economic and other living requirements of the parties; establishing legal safeguards for fulfillment of obligations primarily under labor contract . According to the Code, working hours are divided into normal working hours, shorter working hours, overtime and part-time work. During the working day/shift employees should be provided with a break for rest and lunch. The time and duration of the break is determined by the internal disciplinary rules, shift schedule or employment contract.

Consultancy on employment and labor law

As a Prime DMC company we provides consultative services as well as in administrative and judicial litigation.

What we are doing as a Labor and Employement  Consulting ;

  • Preparation of employment contracts and agreements ;
  • Human Resources management consulting ;
  • Outsourcing and Payroll services ;
  • Initiation of payment matrix systems ;
  • Development of Human Resources Policy and Procedures;
  • Consulting on foreign employment contracts ;
  • Preparation of defense in legal proceedings and a personalized follow-up on cases at  courts ;

Moreover , we ensure legal backing for job-candidates and employers for obtaining work permit ,  or consultancy for work permit exemption, as well as an application for residency  based on work or work permit exempted operations.